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WE BUY GUNS. Heritage Arms buys pre-owned guns, including entire collections of contemporary and Pre-WW-II and post-WW-II classic collectible firearms. We provide one on one confidential personalized service buying private and estate collections both large and small. We will buy one gun or more than 100 guns! Our clients are provided peace of mind by quickly, easily and legally liquidating their firearms for immediate payment. Heritage Arms, LLC, makes the expedient, legal liquidation of firearms, completely stress and worry free! Please call Tom Klein for further information. 336-372-6100.

HERITAGE ARMS SELLS NEW & PRE-OWNED GUNS IN-STORE, NEW GUNS IN OUR ONLINE STORE, AND WE SELL NEW AND PRE-OWNED GUNS VIA ONLINE AUCTION. North Carolina residents can shop and purchase new guns in our online store for delivery in our store. Out of state residents can peruse our online store and call in an order using the Item Number of their desired firearm. Local and out of state residents may take delivery of Long Guns (shotguns and rifles) in store, or have them shipped to their FFL dealer for transfer. Handguns by law must be transferred to the buyer by a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer in their state of residence. We ship handguns purchased by out of state buyers to their licensed dealer in their state of residence for transfer. By Federal Law no firearms are shipped by Heritage Arms direct to a buyer. All of our NEW firearms are supplied by wholesale distributor, Davidsons, Inc., with a huge warehouse in Greensboro, NC., and another in Arizona. Long guns ordered prior to 3 PM are generally available for pick up in the store the next business day, and handguns on the second business day. Click New Guns here or at the top of this page to enter the store, then click on the Bullseye Search Engine.

OUR GUN AUCTIONS of New and Pre-owned firearms can be viewed by clicking either these links: Gunbroker.com or GunAuction.com or the icons at the top of this page. You may bid on an item and you can also call to inquire about an items availability in the store if no bids have yet been placed. Once an item has been bid on it can only be purchased via the auction process.

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY. It is very important that you not place an order for a firearm if you have any doubt of your eligibility to legally purchase and possess a firearm. If you have a question as to your eligibility you should apply for a Pistol Purchase Permit with your County Sheriff's department, which requires a background check. They can answer your questions and perform the necessary background check to determine eligibility. Also, before you order a handgun we ask that you please already be in possession of a pistol permit issued by your county Sheriff, or a valid North Carolina concealed carry license. When taking delivery of any firearm the buyer must present a valid government issued photo ID, generally a Driver's License, and complete the BATFE Form 4473. In the case of a long gun purchase (rifle or shotgun) Heritage Arms will perform a FBI NICS background check at the time of purchase unless the buyer presents and surrenders a valid Pistol Purchase Permit (also good for long gun purchase) or presents a valid North Carolina Concealed Handgun License. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Tom Klein at 336-372-6100. Thank you.

Bill of Rights, Amendment II
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Heritage Arms, LLC is an Official N.R.A. Recruiter and we offer Special NRA Membership Rates. Click the NRA banner below to view our discounted membership offers and to join. We believe every law abiding American citizen is entitled to the ownership and legal use of firearms, and that every reputable, responsible gun owner should be a member of the National Rifle Association participating in protecting our 2nd Amendment Right! Join the fight with your fellow Patriots in Arms today. Thank you!

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